The 2018 Six Demon Bag Halloween Spooktacular – Part 1

What is the terrifying mu-tant that strikes from behind the shroud of night?

The 6 Demon Bag

Halloween Spooktacular!

Click here to play in browser:


death curse.gif

Reach into the 6 Demon Bag for candy and random spooky topics like Worst Sexy (worst ‘sexy’ version of a costume), Impossible Costume, Delusion: The Blue Blade, The ‘Mad Arab’ Abba-Zaba, Story Idea: Death Curse World, Trick R’ Treating stories, Beer & Candy pairings, The meaning of Halloween, and Monster Survival Plans (Ed vs Night of the Lepus)

Gloku 1

Who wore it best?

The future of Halloween costumes:


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