16 – Werewolves!

Episode #16 – Werewolves!

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My Favorite Spooks Edition


Jeff’s howling mad for werewolves, so we’re looking for the best furred fiends in a new episode of the dueling horror review show, Put Up Your Spooks!


This week’s theme: Werewolves!


Tales from the Crypt dazzles with a bravura performance in ‘Werewolf Concerto’

License to howl

Goosebumps gets explosive in ‘Werewolf Skin: Parts 1 and 2’

werewolf skin
“Are you gonna take the photo or not?!”

Special thanks to Johnathan Olson for composing our theme music. To get your own electronic and synth pop songs contact him at stepwisestudios@gmail.com or get  the remix of his band’s new single ‘Hardly Distorted’ at https://bouncehouseband.bandcamp.com/track/hardly-distorted-ryan-wasoba-remix


As a bonus, here Jeff’s Werewolf Playlist


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