50 – 50th Episode Spectacular

Episode #50 – 50th Episode Spectacular!

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The 6 Demon Bag Podcast, where we pull random topics for discussion related to writing, comics, movies, science, all that kind of thing!

Topics this week: Quote it, AVP Fantasy Matchups: Manimal* vs Automan vs Airwolf vs Knight Rider*, Murder Corner: Blade, Surprise Table Read: Battle Games, Writing Corner: Setting as Character?, Invent a Sequel Title, Ruin a Movie and a very special look back.


Manimal has become a hawk, black panther, snake, bull, parrot, horse, bear, and dolphin.

Jeff claimed that KITT has no offensive capabilities. This is a clear and regrettable error. For a full exploration of the topic, click here: https://jeffccarter.wordpress.com/2018/07/03/an-open-apology-to-kitt/

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