The Six Demon Bag 2020 Halloween Spooktacular, Part 1

The 2020 Six Demon Bag Halloween Spooktacular, Part 1

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Happy Helloween, Kiddies! We hope you’re staying entombed to avoid the Sick Demon Bug!


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Listen to our disembodied voices summoned from parts unknown as we feast on strange candy and discuss terrifying topics like…

Scamming the Crypt Keeper, Ed’s trashy tale, Zombie Skittle Roulette, Danny’s best & worst Halloween, Horror reviews, Worst Monster in the Pandemic, Monster Survival Scenarios: Evil Doll (size Medium) / Masked Maniacs, Ryan grapples with his mortality, Say My Name: Bloody Mary – Beetlejuice – Candy Man, Our Inevitable Hot-o-we’en, and Danny’s scariest moment.


Why Ryan won’t be in Part 2

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