Put Up Your Spooks 8 – Halloween

Episode #8 – Halloween

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Back to school? More like back to spooks!

It’s Halloween in the summertime on our dueling horror review show, Put Up Your Spooks!

This week’s theme: Halloween

Tales from the Darkside invites you into a house of horrors in ‘Trick or Treat’.


Goosebumps will trick you in ‘Attack of the Jack‘O-Lanterns’.

attack of the jackolanterns

Special thanks to Johnathan Olson for composing our theme music. To get your own electronic and synth pop songs contact him at stepwisestudios@gmail.com or check him out on bandcamp at https://bouncehouseband.bandcamp.com/.


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The pop-up book Ryan discussed: A Visit to the Haunted House by Dean Walley



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