57 – The Hook

Episode #57 – The Hook

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Hi Elliott’s mom!

The 6 Demon Bag Podcast, where we pull random topics for discussion related to writing, comics, movies, science, all that kind of thing!

korea door handles

Topics this week: Scare LA 2018, The Scare LA/Mid-Summer Scream Split, The Mark Cuban Effect, immersive entertainment growing pains, Give us a Hook! (5 seconds of music to hook you on a new song), K-Pop controversy, Asian adoption of Western beauty standards, The illusion of Chinese homogeneity, American surrogates, Black is Beautiful and Intergenerational conflicts of assimilation!

Countries trashed:



The Olympics controversy

South Korea

K-Pop abuse




sorry guys


is this


Songs Played:

Greasy Love by Findlay


Niña Bomba by Plastilina Mosh


Life Will Change from the Persona 5 Soundtrack


Forever Found by Kan Wakan

Dracula Prince of Darkness by King Horror


Interlude: Hook by Blues Traveler


Thanks for listening, Mozambique!


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