Spook Preview 2

Episode #2 – Satanic Piano Lessons Can Be Murder!

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Here’s another spook preview of our new spin-off podcast, Put Up Your Spooks! Each episode Ryan and Jeff rate and review dueling horror TV anthologies from the 80’s and 90’s.

This week’s theme: Pianos

Our first Tale comes from the 80’s by way of the Darkside, a not-so-pretty little ditty called ‘The Satanic Piano’.

Bancroft and Farber
“I’m going to poke your curiosity.”

Our 90’s show Goosebumps delivers some ivory tickling, spine-tingling terror with ‘Piano Lessons Can Be Murder’.

Warning: High Vink Factor

Special thanks to Johnathan Olson for composing our theme music. Email him at stepwisestudios@gmail.com to get your own electronic and synth pop songs.

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