The 2019 Six Demon Bag Halloween Spooktacular, Part 1

The 2019 Six Demon Bag Halloween Spooktacular, Part 1

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Hold on to your Zagnuts, it’s a whole new hour of candy and goofs featuring Chad Fifer from The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast!


Listen as we chew on topics like Devil’s Night, best/worst candy, knock off costume quiz, chips and candy apples, killer creations, Beetlejuice quibbles, monster survival plans (50 foot woman, mist monsters, telekinetic prom queens, vampires, summer camp slashers), Debate: Are zombies cannibals?, Obscure, Best & Worst Costumes, our Hallowe’en rituals, AVP: monster mashup (Predator vs Jason), R.I.P. swingers, scariest moments (Casper-mobile, chimp madness), the last trick r’ treat, spider stories, Resurrection Mary, and the Petition to move Hallowe’en.


H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

Petition to Move Hallowe’en

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