39 – Rumble in the Jungle

Episode #39 – Rumble in the Jungle

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Don’t lose your shrunken head, it’s time to

Put Up Your Spooks!

Tales from the Crypt goes all the way in ‘Halfway Horrible’

Goosebumps explores jungle magic in ‘How I Got My Shrunken Head’

Special thanks to Johnathan Olson for composing our theme music. To get your own electronic and synth pop songs contact him or listen to his music here.

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Episode 8 – Toilet Feng Shui

Episode 8 – Toilet Feng Shui

If you have your god facing the toilet, it will disrupt the tranquil of the family



The 6 Demon Bag Podcast, where we pull random topics for discussion related to writing, comics, movies, science, all that kind of thing!

Topics this week: L.A. Stories, more Ghosts: Yay or Boo? (with Hoodoo and Feng Shui), Nerd Heresy (Bad Trailers), Picks: Ditty app, Bayonetta 2,Little Monsters, Handmaid’s Tale

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