30 – Winter Spirits

Episode #30– Winter Spirits

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Is it cold in here, or is it just an episode of “Put Up Your Spooks!”?

This week’s theme: Winter Spirits

Are You Afraid of the Dark gives us chills in ‘The Tale of the Frozen Ghost’

Monsters gives us boils in ‘A New Woman’

Our spooktacular theme music was composed by Johnathan Olson (email & bandcamp)

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2020 Christmas Special – Part One

2020 Christmas Special – Part One

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The Six Demon Bag Christmas Special

A typical fake Christmas Tree

Santa reaches into his virtual Six Demon Sack to deliver topics including: A Defense of the Grinch!, Fake Trees: Ho or Humbug, Heavy lies the Santa Hat, Pass the Giblets: Weird Holiday Foods, Caroling in the Wild, Christmas Dream Vacation, AVP: Rudolph vs Frosty vs Abominable Snowman, Buckwyld Yuletide Part 3: Cruelty Edition, Pop Quiz: Poisonous Plants of Christmas, Murder Corner: How Would You Kill Santa?, and Riddle Disaster: Christmas Edition.

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